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Featuring a huge range of products with discounts of up to 75% - Studio has something to suit every budget, every taste, and every occasion. Whether you're searching for homeware, electricals, toys, Christmas essentials, gifts or top branded clothing, you're sure to find exactly what you need in the Studio catalogue.

Studio also offer a free personalisation service on a huge selection of gifts. You can add a name or a message to create a unique gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Studio guarantees safe & secure shopping with every purchase, there's no need to pay up front. Simply wait for your statement to arrive then choose to either pay in full or spread the cost of your purchases. A truly flexible approach to paying for your shopping!

Terms & Conditions
24Studio search the files of credit reference agencies who record the enquiry. Information (including credit and electoral roll data) about you and those with whom you are financially linked may be used to verify your identity and for credit assessment of you or other members of your household. 24Studio may share your information with other organisations. They may contact you for marketing purposes by mail, telephone, email or otherwise.
Member Comments
24Studio CatalogueFiona P. Can I have it please
24Studio CatalogueVicki H. would like a copy of this catalogue
24Studio CatalogueColin T. this is the one that i really need
24Studio CatalogueAmy S. Really want this catalogue, please send.
24Studio CatalogueVictoria H. please can i get this asap
24Studio CatalogueLaura C. i would like this asap
24Studio CatalogueNATALIE T. Xmas is fast approaching and I am eager to see the catalogue,my sister had one last year and it was brilliant so I cant wait to order from it.
24Studio CatalogueCheryl M. would like it asap
24Studio CatalogueMorena L. please send
24Studio CatalogueSusie C. I really want this one - but it hasnt got here yet!
24Studio CatalogueAbd A. Excellent catalog!
24Studio CataloguePaula R. please could you send me a copy!
24Studio CatalogueJOANNE T. excellent rate of reply very good service
24Studio CatalogueLisa H. could you send soon as, I need to order
24Studio CatalogueCheryl M. loved the catalog it had everything u could have thought of and more. one of the best around
24Studio CatalogueSusan S. i was especially interested in this
24Studio CatalogueFreda J. Fantasic offers
24Studio CatalogueKelly D. really want to receive this catalogue, and will be ordering from it
24Studio CatalogueTeresa N. Great
24Studio CatalogueLeonie R. excellent choice and value for money
24Studio CatalogueLeonie R. excellent value for money and choice
24Studio CataloguePerot B. passed to wife
24Studio CatalogueRebecca M. please send me a catalogue
24Studio CatalogueLindsey R. very eagerly awaiting
24Studio CatalogueSara M. some exelent christmas ideas
24Studio CatalogueMyra T. Would like the 2004 catalogue please
24Studio CatalogueNICOLA C. excellent catalogue
24Studio CatalogueKERRY M. need one
24Studio CatalogueJames R. oredered a sword,xmas paper,pens cards and figurines
24Studio CatalogueMichelle T. very fast service
24Studio CatalogueAllen J. I quite liked the catalogue and will most likely order from it.
24Studio CatalogueElsie W. 4Glass and drink lables,Bows
24Studio CatalogueMichelle O. childs air bed on 1/10/04
24Studio CatalogueZoe P. spiderman pyjamas
24Studio CatalogueAlison J. Cards/gifts order posted 21/10/04
24Studio CatalogueChristina T. great cat!
24Studio CatalogueElizabeth M. various items on the 19/10/04
24Studio CatalogueAileen M. ive always loved this catalogue thanx 4 my delivery of it
24Studio CatalogueRita S. duvet sets, ribbon master, towels - 21.10.04
24Studio CatalogueJulia T. There was quite a lot more product in there than expected and the prices were good too.
24Studio CatalogueEmma W. spent 118 on a watch xmas wrapping, sweets & Jack Daniels gift set - will order more in the future
24Studio CatalogueStephanie B. will give opinion when received
24Studio CatalogueNicola Louise M. i received a very speedy delive
24Studio CatalogueClaire M. wrapping paper,personalised pencils and girls pyjamas
24Studio CatalogueJohn A. Possibly ordering
24Studio CatalogueJayne D. Guitar - 30/10/04
24Studio CatalogueKaryn B. Received 28/10/04
24Studio CataloguePam M. please send catalogue will probably order
24Studio CatalogueEmma B. I will order from it if i ever receive it.
24Studio CatalogueMel C. This was really a well produced catalogue and I enjoyed reading through it it.
24Studio CatalogueBridget M. cant wait to start i have seen some things that are avaiable
24Studio CatalogueTanya C. Please send me my catalogue asap
24Studio CatalogueSteph F. christmas gifts w/e 07/09/04
24Studio CatalogueAllan V. wrapping paper and cards 10/11/04
24Studio CatalogueLisa R. Love the personalised stuff!
24Studio CatalogueShaun S. Usual very high quality and prompt service
24Studio CatalogueCatherine P. i would like this one
24Studio CatalogueEleanor W. its a brilliant catalogue i bought alot of christmas presents at very good prices
24Studio CatalogueKatie N. 471854 order ref on web, 12/11/04,
24Studio CatalogueSukhy L. Excellent value for money and such a varied choice of gcifts
24Studio CatalogueWendy K. quick response to request
24Studio CatalogueAVRIL R. great, cheap, will be ordering soon
24Studio CatalogueLeonard P. Still awaiting catalogue to select Christmas gifts.
24Studio CatalogueKelly S. i have made and received orders! very happy!
24Studio CatalogueCarly W. very fast postage
24Studio CatalogueIrene G. received last wed only one week
24Studio CatalogueDayna B. thanks
24Studio CatalogueCheryl A. catalogues 21 Nov 2004
24Studio CatalogueAngie C. thankful for your site for helping me find the studio catalogue i required
24Studio CatalogueKirsty C. Christmas cards, wrapping paer & tags, christmas decorations and personalised gifts
24Studio CatalogueDONNA C. Will be recommending
24Studio CatalogueValerie K. Would liketo recievestandard catalogue
24Studio CatalogueSusan T. very quick on delivery
24Studio CatalogueLYN D. arrived faster than expected
24Studio CatalogueJosephine H. good value for money
24Studio CatalogueDebra D. i would order from this cata;ogue if the company sent me a catalogue
24Studio CatalogueSally K. They have run out of cats. (Sent me card)
24Studio CatalogueCaroline M. got letter saying out of stock can understand it is too close to christmas
24Studio CatalogueLaura Jane G. fantastic
24Studio CatalogueTracy M. wanted this one too,
24Studio CatalogueChristabell W. would like to order the 2005 issue
24Studio CatalogueAmethyst W. great 4 xmas stuff
24Studio CatalogueTracey B. very good choice of things very pleased with it
24Studio CatalogueValerie A. have ordered and recieved items
24Studio CatalogueSuzanne B. great fast service,very user friendly
24Studio CatalogueLisa B. love this cataloguemany thanks
24Studio CatalogueZoe D. christamas card,tags,bubble,birthday cards
24Studio CatalogueBill L. very good
24Studio CatalogueNikki H. had a lot of choice
24Studio CatalogueLisa H. Good Catalogue arrived eventually
24Studio CatalogueVickie T. An excellent range of items and great ideas!
24Studio CatalogueTracey B. would like it
24Studio CatalogueAnna M. great value
24Studio CatalogueStephanie C. its great
24Studio CatalogueLucy W. Very pleased with the quick delivery of these catalogues.
24Studio CatalogueGINETTE B. very good
24Studio CatalogueAlaine C. excellent service. was delivered within 2 days
24Studio CatalogueSamantha H. can you send a catalogue
24Studio CatalogueKelvin B. be nice to see it
24Studio CatalogueElli S. sandich toaster January
24Studio CatalogueRebecca B. I was really impressed with this catalogue as my mother used to purchase goods from this as long ago as 1979.
24Studio CatalogueLeanne B. would like a catolouge
24Studio CataloguePaul B. please send my caterlogue
24Studio CatalogueTola O. i love to ordered
24Studio CatalogueDebbie S. 21.2.2006
24Studio CatalogueWendy K. need catalogue for work freinds and family
24Studio CatalogueMary P. good selection,atgood prices
24Studio CatalogueKirsty S. all good
24Studio CatalogueJULIE K. good selection of choice
24Studio CataloguePeter M. Good catalouge. I will definetly use it
24Studio CatalogueSarah A. in next couple of months wehn in Christmas Mode
24Studio CatalogueJulie W. Book came within 4 days of ordering. Really good & efficient service. I will definately reccomend your company to family & friends. Thank-you
24Studio CatalogueCarol G. nice quick reply
24Studio CatalogueDanielle B. very good!
24Studio CatalogueNidhi N. satisfactory service but surely scope for improvement
24Studio CataloguePauline B. 17/8/06
24Studio CatalogueBeverley R. efficient service
24Studio CataloguePauline T. excellent choice
24Studio CatalogueShona S. 220-809-02ic(denim wrap pack)12/08/06
24Studio CatalogueEileen D. Great offers in book.
24Studio CatalogueLisa E. 17th August 2006 I ordered nearly 100 worth of goods from studio, including personalised grandad photo frame, personalised coat of arms picture - Flynn, pair of dolphin brass book ends, 2 script towels, curling hair things, a signed Chelsea and lots more
24Studio CatalogueTRACEY F. love the catalogue
24Studio CatalogueDoreen W. very good service
24Studio CatalogueShauna C. 22185488ww, 22185453ww, 22196587ww, 22185496ww, 2200460ww, 22171878ww, 22171762ww, 22098240ww, 22205888ww, all purchased 5th Sept
24Studio CatalogueJennifer D. when it comes lwill order
24Studio CatalogueTina R. loads of christmas stuff
24Studio CatalogueEmma V. catalogue was sent very fast.
24Studio CatalogueJayne N. Very good choice of goods
24Studio CatalogueShelly O. cool
24Studio CatalogueRebecca M. please send
24Studio CatalogueSimon B. will order when i receive catalogue
24Studio CatalogueGemma C. Might order from the catalogue
24Studio CatalogueNicola S. very fast delivery of catalogue
24Studio CatalogueIrene C. lots of items i wish to order for Xmas
24Studio CatalogueJean S. Have mislaid catalogue require new one
24Studio CatalogueAloma A. But still want a catalougue please send!!
24Studio CatalogueTeresa P. great gift ideas in there
24Studio CatalogueLouise T. very fast responce
24Studio CatalogueClaire J. Received 28/9, ditto
24Studio CatalogueCatherine L. Still want this catalogue.
24Studio CatalogueElena B. Good catalogue
24Studio CatalogueKamila S. very good prices
24Studio CatalogueStephen M. will be ordering for xmas
24Studio CataloguePatricia C. swiftly received!
24Studio CatalogueSarah P. The catalogue is good, I have had it before - please send it to me ASAP!!!
24Studio CatalogueLouise M. please send a copy
24Studio CatalogueCath P. christmas cards, coloured pencils, velvet art, photo stitch- 9/10/06
24Studio CatalogueLISA C. xmas card holder, xmas cards, wrapping paper ordered 16.10.06
24Studio CatalogueTracy M. need book quickly to order xmas cards
24Studio CatalogueAnne W. prompt and efficient
24Studio CatalogueSally B. ordered xmas gifts to value of 59.32 on 17/10/06
24Studio CatalogueJenny D. Good choice of presents for christmas and good prices
24Studio CatalogueShirley C. I would order if I ever receive it!
24Studio CatalogueBola A. hope to get this one soon!
24Studio CatalogueAlison H. might order. Not decided as yet
24Studio CatalogueLOUISE B. 30.00 presents on 23/10/06
24Studio CatalogueSharon W. i fine ur a brill company
24Studio CatalogueIrmgard S. very satisfied.
24Studio CatalogueJohn P. will order shortly
24Studio CatalogueSusan M. pleased with service
24Studio CatalogueAndi R. I will order when I have received it!
24Studio CatalogueWendy C. very good
24Studio CatalogueDebra B. very good
24Studio CatalogueKimberley P. would still like catalogue
24Studio CatalogueLisa R. I ordered it on 06/11/06 and it still hasnt arrived
24Studio CataloguePatricia B. Ordered through family before
24Studio CatalogueMark W. good catalogue
24Studio CataloguePaula B. VERY QUICK SERVICE
24Studio CatalogueJane P. i would like to receive the catalogue
24Studio CatalogueJean T. please send
24Studio CatalogueMarion G. I would like this asap
24Studio CatalogueTracy S. ordered duvet in october - still no sign of delivery - very very poor!
24Studio CatalogueLinda T. When I get this one I will order
24Studio CatalogueEileen O. i will prob order online
24Studio CatalogueLorraine G. i probably will order at some stage
24Studio CatalogueNigat R. good collection of cloths and many other things
24Studio CatalogueStephanie C. I love it!!!
24Studio CatalogueBeverly G. excellent - good value for money
24Studio CatalogueJo H. arrived promptly - great catalogue, lots of offers & choice
24Studio CatalogueJames B. please send copy
24Studio CatalogueKirsty T. Sad to see that all the Cards have disappeared. I ordered the catalague on the pretext that its always been great for cards and gifts.
24Studio CatalogueMichelle B. very reasonable priced
24Studio CatalogueSharon G. /will order once received
24Studio CatalogueErnie W. Swift response. Thanx. Ernie.
24Studio CatalogueNigel B. excellent value for money on goods
24Studio CatalogueZara Z. i might order something see
24Studio CatalogueWendi S. valve for the money
24Studio CatalogueShamima P. love the personalised gifts
24Studio CatalogueChristine H. goods delivered quickly
24Studio CatalogueBrodie C. Received a note saying I will receive it...
24Studio CatalogueJoseph B. have not confirmed order yet very vague.
24Studio CatalogueElizabeth L. Order to follow
24Studio CatalogueEric Carl M. I would be very interested to see this catalogue
24Studio CatalogueLinda H. didnt take long for it to come.
24Studio CatalogueStephen G. great improvment on old studio cat
24Studio CatalogueJean D. Christmas cat. sent- wanted birthday cards
24Studio CatalogueKerry D. yes, havent looked yet but am sure i will be placing an order soon
24Studio CatalogueHeather H. great goods
24Studio CatalogueTrina D. excellent service by catalink
24Studio CatalogueSusan H. good value
24Studio CatalogueMark W. I will definitely be ordering from this book, maybe nearer Christmas. Thank you.
24Studio CatalogueMichelle B. was delivered quicker than thought
24Studio CatalogueDiane H. would like to order this catalogue
24Studio CatalogueAmie C. excelent got it straight away.
24Studio CatalogueClaire G. Love this catalogue and love xmas!
24Studio CatalogueElla H. WOULD LIKE THE CATALOGUE
24Studio CataloguePatricia H. I would still like to recieve this catalogue
24Studio CatalogueKerrie T. i will order when i have it
24Studio CatalogueSONIA A. want to order goods asap
24Studio CatalogueLynne S. only ordered 1 week ago
24Studio CatalogueKaren C. excellent service
24Studio CatalogueChris R. Quick service, excellent catalogue!
24Studio CatalogueWayne P. excellent serviceA++++++++++
24Studio CatalogueMark W. I am a studio member and will order from it soon.
24Studio CataloguePaul G. Reasonably Priced. Good Quality
24Studio CatalogueLynda W. good variety.god prices.
24Studio CatalogueVictoria A. good
24Studio CatalogueJenny D. I love ordering from Studio as they have a lot of selection
24Studio CatalogueNathan G. send it me!
24Studio CatalogueAlice P. thank you
24Studio CatalogueFrances M. very good selection
24Studio CatalogueVanessa T. I would like the to receive it first!
24Studio CatalogueChristina G. I would like to order from this catalogue if I ever get it.
24Studio CatalogueKerri S. Excellent
24Studio CatalogueGordon A D. best catalogue request service ever.
24Studio CatalogueMarion H. Thank you!
24Studio CatalogueSteve A. The catalogue was everything I hoped it would be and more!
24Studio CatalogueMichelle Y. Excellent Choice
24Studio CatalogueRichard W. excellent ideas in thhis brochure
24Studio CatalogueJames B. only just ordered cat.
24Studio CatalogueTracy F. i would like this catalogue asap please
24Studio CatalogueJohn C. desent xmas choice
24Studio CatalogueSarah B. May still order from it
24Studio CatalogueVicky R. I would like the big studio book as well please
24Studio CatalogueJacqueline A. good value for your money
24Studio CatalogueCathy C. caters for all ages
24Studio CatalogueDonna T. very accurate with delivery dates up to press
24Studio CatalogueDavid C. exellent service
24Studio CatalogueLina D. would like it please
24Studio CatalogueSamantha W. i want catalogue
24Studio CatalogueJessica B. Can you send it out as I want to order stuff for christmas
24Studio CatalogueTeresa R. would like to see catalogue
24Studio CatalogueLilly G. i wish to recieve one please!
24Studio CatalogueNicola C. please send as soon as you can
24Studio CatalogueJoanne H. Very good catalogue, thank you
24Studio CatalogueKerry H. i really want this book please
24Studio CatalogueSarah L. I would still like to receive a copy if possible
24Studio CatalogueSusie W. Fantastic!
24Studio CatalogueJoanne P. very efficient in receiving catalogue, goods and services from it
24Studio CatalogueSharon P. would like to recieve this catalogue
24Studio CatalogueNirmaljit K. very good
24Studio CataloguePatricia Andrea D. will keep in mind for next year
24Studio CatalogueLinda H. very please
24Studio CatalogueKevin E. it is very good with very good offers like a free tin ov roses when you put your first order in
24Studio CatalogueCarolyne G. i love this book and will order from it
24Studio CatalogueSharon J. very good value for money
24Studio CatalogueSabina B. would like to order but need a catalogue
24Studio CatalogueNatalie W. havent recieved this catalogue, i would really like i as i would like to order from it.
24Studio CatalogueGrainne M. i love christmas stuff!!
24Studio CatalogueJonathan S. lots of fun stuff for kids+adults alike,mainly kids,but good anyway.
24Studio CatalogueKevin G. good way to save for christmas and good presents
24Studio CatalogueGhazi M. your good service
24Studio CatalogueAdam A. Verry good
24Studio CatalogueElizabeth S. expensive
24Studio CatalogueSamantha C. some very lovely stuff for myself and gifts.
24Studio CatalogueKhadra A. IT IS GOOD I LOVE IT
24Studio CatalogueMichelle D. this book really good for everythin alsofor xmas gifts
24Studio CatalogueLynda G. Ideal for personal presents
24Studio CatalogueChristine S. quick delivery
24Studio CatalogueLinda H. very pleased with the service.
24Studio CatalogueLiz L. exellent service
24Studio CatalogueWendy S. very quick postal service
24Studio CatalogueRoy H. A bit pricey
24Studio CatalogueNathalie F. Very good prices
24Studio CatalogueDenise H. very poor service, ordered ages ago
24Studio CatalogueDeborah W. Great bargains, will order for xmas
24Studio CatalogueMARTIN B. Good mix on offer, unusual!
24Studio CatalogueMonica S. very please with catalouge thanks
24Studio CatalogueRobert D. Great Xmas gift ideas!
24Studio CatalogueGillian Y. really good value
24Studio CatalogueBen F. its great
24Studio CatalogueSarah F. good quality affordable products and good variety
24Studio CatalogueJodie D. Ordered 17 items - various
24Studio CatalogueJodie M. Quick in getting Catalogue to me. Well done!
24Studio CatalogueJade W. range of good products
24Studio CatalogueLisa B. good range of gift ideas
24Studio CatalogueAnna G. It was a great catalogue and i will definetely order from it next year.
24Studio CatalogueAlexander S. They were great, but have recently become poor.
24Studio CatalogueJanet R. it`s a good catalogue
24Studio CatalogueClive W. Have not received goods yet
24Studio CatalogueTracy M. delivery sometimes a little slow but wide range to choose from and goods are always what i expect
24Studio CatalogueDominic F. very good - good variety
24Studio CatalogueWendy L. Good for stationery Christmas cards/wrap
24Studio CatalogueNorah B. a very good catologue and good service
24Studio CatalogueNatalie P. they sell everything! prices are also reasonable.
24Studio CatalogueKaren W. good for essentials
24Studio CatalogueSharon L. great gift ideas and reasonable priced
24Studio CatalogueFaith H. use every xmas
24Studio CatalogueAYESHA G. Surprisingly good products
24Studio CatalogueCatherine M. things i would never think of buying because they were always to dear just got very affordable
24Studio CatalogueLynn S. spreads the cost
24Studio CatalogueNatasha C. Fanatstic catalogue i havr already started stocking up for christmas
24Studio CatalogueRaffaela A. very poor quality guds
24Studio CatalogueKirsteen M. fabulous
24Studio CatalogueCarla W. good range of products
24Studio CatalogueDavid M. Ordered several items - good value
24Studio CatalogueSarah H. Good range of products - something that would appeal to everyone
24Studio CatalogueStephanie F. Great ideas for christmas, Will order something from it
24Studio CataloguePetra A. excellent
24Studio CatalogueTina E. good xmas gifts
24Studio CatalogueColleen R. great bargains.
24Studio CatalogueMarla B. love studio an good prices
24Studio CatalogueVivien P. there are some lovely items in the catalogue and i will be ordering soon.
24Studio CatalogueMartin B. Wide Range
24Studio CatalogueVictoria S. brill
24Studio CatalogueDonna M. some very good items in this catalogue
24Studio CatalogueAngela S. great for xmas
24Studio CatalogueDanny S. Very Good
24Studio CatalogueMichelle B. had it before-brilliant
24Studio CatalogueHayley M. excellant little catalogue - crammed with everything you want or need!
24Studio CatalogueSarah C. very good catalogue
24Studio CatalogueCharlotte K. Large variety of ideas in this catalogue, and the personalisation at no extra cost really makes a gift special and personal.
24Studio CatalogueRhiannon J. Super ideas for gifts, and great prices
24Studio CatalogueLorraine M. i might place an order
24Studio CatalogueBARRY W. there is ever thing you need for th home and your family
24Studio CatalogueRuta B. Very very nice.
24Studio CatalogueLinda P. Love this type of catalogue x
24Studio CatalogueKarl S. excellent service
24Studio CataloguePeter C. very good
24Studio CatalogueCarol R. plenty items to choose from
24Studio CatalogueKirsty J. possibly better near xmas
24Studio CatalogueBeverley L. Price above average towards other stores like Argos
24Studio CatalogueSue B. interesting
24Studio CatalogueCayley S. I received the catalogue very quickly and was pleased
24Studio CatalogueYasmeen P. received a sale catalogue I expect to receive the christmas catalogue in the next few weeks
24Studio CatalogueFatima K. it`s really great catalogue
24Studio CatalogueAshlea G. There are a lot of things that I like
24Studio CatalogueLisa M. Good offers at christmas
24Studio CatalogueJean K. the cataloge is brilliant it has everything you could everthink of in it
24Studio CatalogueAmy-jane W. good prices, affordable xmas ideas
24Studio CatalogueRachel D. I may order from it
24Studio CatalogueCharlene T. very good quility
24Studio CatalogueSiphetheni D. professional and approachable
24Studio CatalogueNatasha K. Good ideas for xmas.
24Studio CatalogueCathrine M. There is a lot of good stuff in it at half the prices
24Studio CatalogueJacqueline S. very much same as Ace christmas
24Studio CatalogueKiera D. Wow
24Studio CatalogueReem B. it is a good catalogue with good price items, but most of them are gifts and there was plenty of house applicants . most of them were about ideas and stuff for christmas and i was looking for some of house appliacances.
24Studio CatalogueJennifer K. I have had a account with studio before i have found the service excellent and the products good.
24Studio CatalogueMark T. Good range of products
24Studio CatalogueJayne B. some great unusual gift ideas
24Studio CatalogueHelen R. i lkie the catalogue
24Studio CatalogueKatherine W. prompt delivery
24Studio CatalogueYvonne R. Will order my christmas cards and possibly a few gifts from it.
24Studio CatalogueCarol D. good prices
24Studio CatalogueLee K. very good service
24Studio CatalogueCathy B. as usual fantastic selection of everything you need for xmas and beyond!!
24Studio CatalogueMatthew H. very useful
24Studio CatalogueKatrina R. i received the catalogue really quickly and was really happy with how quick it came and that i could place my order on the internet thank you
24Studio CatalogueJane C. Great catalogue & range of products. Makes choosing cards,paper etc., very easy
24Studio CatalogueDenise L. lovely selection of gifts especially personalised items
24Studio CatalogueKris J. Nothing of interest to me.
24Studio CatalogueCarol S. Ive ordered from this catalogue before, good if your looking for something different
24Studio CatalogueKirsty E. was very quick getting the catalogue
24Studio CatalogueAndrew P. As above but might order something from it still considering
24Studio CatalogueAnntonia T. good value for money
24Studio CatalogueRaymond R. ordered from Ace instead
24Studio CatalogueVicki T. Very good will use this
24Studio CatalogueDavid K. very good
24Studio CatalogueLeonare T. good
24Studio CatalogueLynne F. nice xmas gifts in it
24Studio CatalogueSusan L. Lots ot choices in magazine.
24Studio CatalogueHeather M. i like the prices :)
24Studio CatalogueKirsty A. I like the stuff out of studio because there is goods things to order out of the studio catalogue. the studio catalogue is one of the best. i love it!
24Studio CatalogueJackie F. An easy way of buyin 4 Xmas
24Studio CatalogueCindy O. yes - good
24Studio CatalogueAmanda W. ive had an account with studio for the last 10 years
24Studio CatalogueJoanna B. Surprised to get something about Christmas already, but there are certainly some ideas in there that I will order nearer the time.
24Studio CatalogueKristy N. makes shopping that little bit easier
24Studio CatalogueSharon C. love the products, short of cash!
24Studio CatalogueJennifer B. verg good
24Studio CatalogueRaymond A H. great ideas for gifts
24Studio CatalogueToni C. i will be oredring from this catalogue as the prices are fantastic
24Studio CatalogueFran S. ill order if they ship to channel isles and remove VAT
24Studio CatalogueFrances E. so personally creative, nice.
24Studio CatalogueMadara S. very usefull
24Studio CatalogueAnna S. I enjoyed looking through the catalogue and may order goods nearer Christmas
24Studio CatalogueZoe L. More like an Argos catalogue than a christmas one!
24Studio CatalogueGemma S. Will probably order once recd as I know they hold a very good selection of items
24Studio CatalogueMin S. very slow service
24Studio CatalogueLaura H. Love studio always ordering from them!!!
24Studio CatalogueJean Irene J. Good for people who have to do a lot of organising for Xmas
24Studio CatalogueKay S. lots of ranges to choose from
24Studio CatalogueRamona M. interesting
24Studio CatalogueGillian M. Very quick response
24Studio CatalogueFarad O. large varieties of choice
24Studio CatalogueAndi G. Good value, looks good quality, will help money go further at a difficult time for a lot of people.
24Studio CatalogueJoanne B. came very quickly
24Studio CatalogueKaren M. Nice stuff, good value bit early for Xmas stuff
24Studio CatalogueDebra F. Excellent choice of products
24Studio CataloguePatricia B. Lots of choice
24Studio CatalogueAnn S. very impressed as the book contains item for the whole family not just xmas items
24Studio CatalogueBecky M. brilliant value for money
24Studio CatalogueZoe A. love this cataloue great choice of stuff for christmas
24Studio CatalogueMairi T. Has given me some ideas, but will not buy from it just now.
24Studio CatalogueSamantha N. Good offers
24Studio CatalogueWajiha K. marvellous
24Studio CatalogueAmal M. Wow - superb catalogue
24Studio CatalogueAnn J. Catalogue covers wide range of products ideally suited to Christmas - delighted with choices offered.
24Studio CatalogueJayne W. Some nice unique items
24Studio CatalogueAndi M. Quite impressed - may stock up on christmas goodies through them
24Studio CatalogueSaiste M. its very good!
24Studio CatalogueElizabeth T. some items would consider purchasing but not at the minute
24Studio CatalogueAmie H. received v. fast
24Studio CatalogueUna R. Tremendous choice and extremely affortable. My neighbour has it at the moment.
24Studio CatalogueLes M. Versatile, interesting, enjoyable
24Studio CatalogueCarl S. Excellent Service and also kept up to date with orders
24Studio CatalogueSuzanne Elizabeth H. very helpfull with xmas ideas
24Studio CatalogueHeidi P. lots in it at good prices
24Studio CatalogueCaroline K. great stuff at great prices
24Studio CatalogueMomota B. it got good things in it
24Studio CatalogueShakila K. very good with childrens items home items at low cost
24Studio CatalogueLesley W. good savings
24Studio CatalogueDebbie B. good prices,id buy one of everything if i had the money!
24Studio CatalogueAlison D. the amount of p&p required is a little off putting
24Studio CatalogueLouise H. Love this one
24Studio CataloguePaul M. good service thanks
24Studio CatalogueMarie M. im going to place an order for some xmas presents
24Studio CatalogueSadie G. nice change
24Studio CatalogueCarol R. i luv it
24Studio CatalogueNicola M. Cant wait to order stuff from this catalouge
24Studio CatalogueMORAG P. very quick service
24Studio CatalogueMagdalena M. a lot of very interesting things, I like it
24Studio CatalogueJane S. Fab little gifts
24Studio CatalogueStacey T. i ordered last xmas but it wouldnt arrive in time so i didnt get the goods but at least they were honest in telling me they wouldnt arrive in time
24Studio CatalogueMomoh Sydney G. excellent customer service
24Studio CatalogueSue F. Very good
24Studio CatalogueRebecca Y. good value for money and really good presants for children
24Studio CatalogueEvelyn L. nice
24Studio CatalogueElizabeth H. Best Bargains Ever
24Studio CatalogueMichelle N. The items in the catalogue always look bigger than they really are, so when you get the item you are left disappointed
24Studio CatalogueBarry S. a great catalogue for finding birthday and xmas presents and cards.
24Studio CatalogueKatie S. massive variety from gifts, to toys to clothing
24Studio CatalogueSandra M. Some well priced, unusual items
24Studio CatalogueKarl S. Ecerlent catalogue. Well presented Highly recomend
24Studio CatalogueClaire B. Great value
24Studio CatalogueGillian A. I now receive their catalogues direct and have made many purchases
24Studio CatalogueJoe B. very well illistrated,and informational.
24Studio CatalogueJoanne E. Very easy to order good range of products at veery good prices quick delivery
24Studio CatalogueMary R. A all round good catalogue to look through great products to choose from
24Studio CatalogueTina W. very good
24Studio CatalogueRuby T. I will be ordering from it soon many thanks
24Studio CatalogueGlynis S. very impressed with selection of goods in catalogue
24Studio CatalogueAnne H. Nice selection love the Christmas stuff
24Studio CatalogueLaura R. its brilliant for gift shopping
24Studio CatalogueLeanne H. Waiting till payday and will defiantly be ordering as prices & products are fantastic
24Studio CatalogueBrenda S. Really useful catalogue covering very wide range of goods.
24Studio CatalogueNdey H. The toy was for my son he loved it and very happy
24Studio CatalogueSyed A. I like it this very good
24Studio CatalogueNicola S. love this
24Studio CatalogueKatherine L. I remember this company from years ago. They still have lots of good deals.
24Studio CataloguePamela M. Will be ordering
24Studio CatalogueJacqueline B. Has realistic prices
24Studio CatalogueAdefunke O. It is well arranged
24Studio CatalogueSue G. amazing amount of items for sale, good for Christmas shopping
24Studio CatalogueAnna Z. many favorable and exciting promotions!
24Studio CatalogueKaren L. Love the ideas for christmas
24Studio CatalogueKerrie S. brilliant catalogue
24Studio CatalogueChantelle D. brill
24Studio CatalogueValerie A. arrived really quickly very pleased
24Studio CatalogueClaire W. lots of good value products
24Studio CataloguePrisca S. plenty choices,which i like
24Studio CatalogueSafaa K. I like and love all staff in it its amazing catalogue and everything I need I see in it
24Studio CatalogueMichelle C. the things in there look fab will be looking to order things from there for christmas
24Studio CatalogueLeah A. I know where Im getting my gifts from :) great book
24Studio CatalogueKatie H. Really quick delivery, thanks
24Studio CatalogueBethanie A. Planning to order some christmas presents next week
24Studio CatalogueElaine D. I love studio
24Studio CatalogueGloria R. I will be placing an order very soon. There are some very good products and gift ideas.
24Studio CatalogueMagdalena L. fantastic
24Studio CatalogueSarah F. lots of variety
24Studio CatalogueGulshain J. Excellent prices
24Studio CatalogueMargaret R. great value for money also a good range of kids products.
24Studio CatalogueTeresa T. Excellent catalog always comes in handy
24Studio CatalogueSkye D. good items reasonable prices
24Studio CatalogueSarah S. great deals
24Studio CatalogueSusan T. Highly recommend this catalogue. Its brilliant! Cheap too with wonderful everyday items and great gifts, many that can be personalised
24Studio CatalogueJulie P. interesting and cheap
24Studio CatalogueLaura C. i love that i can pick something out order buy and its at my door matter of days
24Studio CatalogueTrevor A. Fast posting and delivery excellent to deal with!
24Studio CatalogueSantosh C. it is packed full of information. the photos arecimpressive and appealing.
24Studio CatalogueHelen I. It is really good
24Studio CatalogueWinifred S. Its what it is; a Budget Catalogue, advertising Budget Buys.
24Studio CatalogueSharron P. it offers a good selection of products.
24Studio CatalogueHelen K. Excellent service, very easy to order and very quick delivery


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