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Colletts Mountain Holidays - Italian Dolomites & South Tyrol
Colletts Summer Mountain Holidays – Specialist holidays to the majestic Dolomites of Italy.

A Collett's holiday can be tailored to meet each of your requirements and preferences. Travel here as you please either fly–driving, self–driving or using their airport transfer service from Venice and Treviso airports.

Once in the Dolomites, do exactly as you please. You can join a host of organised days out, including high level walks, moderate level walks, Via Ferratas, wildflower walks or painting – all of which are offered free of charge five days a week (not Wednesday or Saturday).

They are convinced you will share their excitement and appreciation of an area that is one of Europe’s best–kept secrets. It is simultaneously charming and majestic. Whilst the unspoilt Tyrolean villages will bewitch you on a human scale with their wooden chalets in a landscape of wildflower–strewn pastures, the colossal natural monuments, which are the Dolomites, tower above you; castles of rock, which soar to the sky as if frozen in mid–explosion.

Here you will have a holiday that is as relaxing as it is invigorating. Whether you are the energetic adventurer seeking out the exhilaration of the much–celebrated Via Ferratas and high level walks, or you simply dream of a peaceful mountain retreat a little lower down amidst the wildflowers of the alpine meadows, the Dolomites have something for everyone.

Collett's offers accommodation in the picturesque villages of Arabba and Pedraces. They have five chalets, each with a welcoming host, who is an excellent cook and a valuable source of local information. They also have a good range of self catering properties and a delightful four star hotel. Set against uniquely dramatic backdrops and situated between Cortina and Val Gardena on the famous 'Quattro Passi' (Four Passes), Arabba and Pedraces are the perfect springboards from which to explore this fascinating area. And with their intimate knowledge based on many years in the area, they will ensure you get just what you want from your time here.

The Dolomites are, in effect, the south–eastern Alps. They lie partly in Venetia (Venice 75 miles) and partly in the Trentino/South Tyrol (Munich 150 miles, Innsbruck via the Brenner Pass 40 miles), Italy’s northernmost region, which borders Switzerland in the north–west and Austria in the north.

Millions of years ago, however, the clearly visible layers of these dramatic rocks were laid down under the sea. Consequently, it is an area of great interest to fossil collectors and geologists, whose current thinking on the evolution of the Dolomites is that they were heaved up by great movements in the earth’s crust fifty million years ago when the continents of Europe and Africa collided. Since then the actions of ice and water have carved them into the overwhelming sculptural forms we see today.

More recently, history has played its part in shaping the character of the Dolomites. If you had visited them prior to 1918, you would have been on Austrian territory, but at the end of the First World War, when certain European borders were redefined at Versailles, they became part of Italy. Although Mussolini set about italianising the region during the inter–war period, he was not entirely successful. Today, the area thrives on the harmonious co–existence of both the Austrian and Italian cultures in a region where Latin meets Germanic.

Add to these cultures, the influence of a modern mountain–dwelling community with an enlightened, yet reassuringly conservative approach to tourism and the result is a unique atmosphere of character and charm in an environment where there is lots to see and do.