250 years of adventure and discovery

Unmatched in experience and unsurpassed in variety. Cox & Kings gives you a holiday range that reaches the potential of this spectacular region.

Whether you yearn for the exhilaration of adventure or the satisfaction of discovery, their packages cover the needs of every traveller.
  • Local knowledge - experience the raw authenticity of each location
  • Flexible trips - romantic breaks, quick getaways, grand voyages
  • Themed packages - cultural, wildlife, luxury, rural or urban
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - 250 years in the business for a reason
  • No stone unturned - India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and more
  • Flawless itineraries - crafted by professional and experienced travellers
A Cox & Kings holiday brings many unique benefits to the traveller. It gives you the most complete experience of exploring the world in comfort and style.

Luxury doesn't mean you have to miss out on authenticity - the guidance and support of real experts immerses you in the culture and excitement of each location.

Don't miss out on travel as it was meant to be. Order your Cox & Kings - India & Beyond brochure for journeys everyone should take.

Member Comments
Cox and Kings - India BrochureVal G. indian experience + goa extension
Cox and Kings - India BrochureApril B. Too expensive
Cox and Kings - India BrochureJulia H. Looks wonderful


The Visual History of Cox and Kings - India Brochure

Cox and Kings - India brochure cover from 07 October, 2013
07 October, 2013
Cox and Kings - India brochure cover from 07 August, 2012
07 August, 2012
Cox and Kings - India brochure cover from 26 August, 2011
26 August, 2011
Cox and Kings - India brochure cover from 15 March, 2011
15 March, 2011
Cox and Kings - India brochure cover from 27 August, 2009
27 August, 2009

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