Imagine all you've ever known is black and white. Seeing the world on a Journey of Distinction is like seeing life in colour for the first time. The glowing vermilion of turning leaves, the pearlescent aquamarine of a glacial cavern, the russet hues of millennia–old canyons, the kaleidoscope of city lights.

Everything is magnified, amplified, more vibrant, more real. Heart–stoppingly, mesmerizingly beautiful.
Of course, seeing the world is just the start. They want you to live it, embrace it, feel it, become part of it. And absolutely love it.
Live the thrill of a non–stop city. Embrace the positive energy of a nation. Feel the freedom of the soaring eagle. Become part of the coastal cafe culture. Love landscapes of monumental scale, from plunging valleys to soaring redwoods to crashing waterfalls to silent icefields.
Life is a journey. Don’t miss a thing.

On a Journey of Distinction, you are not merely a bystander. They believe that the wonders, customs and cultures you experience will live on in the core of your being. They'd even go so far as to say they will change your life forever.
They used to call their trips 'Escorted Tours' but, somehow, that just didn't get across the depth of the experience. An Enlightened Tour is so much more than a simple sightseeing holiday. It also takes you on a personal journey; connecting you to countries, customs and cultures by exploring, explaining and unearthing, in a way that creates a lifelong bond. Their exclusive itineraries, unequalled tour managers, knowledgeable guides, exceptional hotels and unique approach all combine to transform the experience from merely interesting, to enriching, enlightening and deeply, personally fulfilling.

Their small, exclusive tours give a more personal experience

For their 2012/2013 season, they've decided to limit the number of travellers on every departure to 25. They feel that being part of an exclusive group allows for a more personal, more satisfying experience that our customers can get more out of. Their groups all depart from the UK, and no one joins us along the way, so you have the reassuring constancy of always knowing your travelling companions. They can also organise private tours for you and a group of friends or family, if you'd prefer.

Stay for two or more nights in each exceptional hotel

They've sought the most distinctive hotels in the most remarkable locations, from glamorous city centres to secluded corners. Their selection includes some of the most iconic and prestigious venues in the world. They always plan their itineraries so that you can spend two or more nights in each hotel. This way, you'll feel more at home, you're not packing and unpacking every day, and you have more time to really get to know the place you're staying in.

Enjoy your own free time too

Their itineraries certainly take you far and wide, but they don't want you to feel like you're on a route march. So, they also plan in enough free time for you to either relax and contemplate everything you've done so far, to strike out on your own and explore, or to embark on a choice of optional excursions, which your Tour Manager will tell you about.


The Visual History of Journeys of Distinction - USA, Canada and Alaska Brochure

Journeys of Distinction - USA, Canada and Alaska brochure cover from 05 January, 2012
05 January, 2012
Journeys of Distinction - USA, Canada and Alaska brochure cover from 27 January, 2011
27 January, 2011