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You can have dreams and you can make them come true! If you always tread the same path, then you woman have any new goals.

Peter Hahn is a leading international mail-order company. Established in 1960 the company is well known for its high quality clothing mainly made from natural fibres. Peter Hahn has now expanded into 9 European countries either through mail order, fashion shops or internet.

The company supplies ladieswear as well as accessories, shoes and underwear. Their range includes their own trademarks as well as famous international brand labels like Bogner, Jobis, Joseph Janard, etc.

With a feel for the extra special, Peter Hahn have designed an attractive collection for you based on current fashions, using natural fibres and with a high quality finish. In short, a collection that will make you feel good and one that you'll enjoy.

Indulge yourself and fulfil all your wishes in this wonderful and varied world of dreams!
Member Comments
Peter Hahn CatalogueSharon C. a tad expensive
Peter Hahn CataloguePenny W. too expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueMassira I. Nice.
Peter Hahn CatalogueAgnes R. very expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueSam G. A bit mumsy !
Peter Hahn CatalogueNadine E. Just not my type of clothing - more suitable for someone older.
Peter Hahn CatalogueShelly N. found items to be quite expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueNorma N. to expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueHelen M. clothes to dear when fixed budget
Peter Hahn CatalogueAime R. out of my price range
Peter Hahn CatalogueIrene N. too expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueJudith C. to expencive
Peter Hahn CatalogueSue H. By email -too expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueNicola H. not my sort of clothing
Peter Hahn CatalogueClaire W. Great stuff and not too expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueCarol B. Too Expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueAnn M. too expensive
Peter Hahn CatalogueCaroline N. too expensive


The Visual History of Peter Hahn Brochure

Peter Hahn brochure cover from 02 September, 2009
02 September, 2009
Peter Hahn brochure cover from 01 September, 2009
01 September, 2009
Peter Hahn brochure cover from 13 July, 2009
13 July, 2009
Peter Hahn brochure cover from 21 January, 2009
21 January, 2009
Peter Hahn brochure cover from 19 December, 2007
19 December, 2007

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