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Stunning Lingerie & Swimwear - From AA to L

Belle Lingerie thinks all women are beautiful and we believe passionately that all women have the right to feel sensational. That's why our incredible collection of designer underwear and bras embraces women of all sizes and shapes, from the elfin beauty to the more bountifully proportioned woman. No matter how slight or full your figure, they have beautiful designer lingerie to make you look and feel exquisite.

From the fine and delicate to the sumptuous and lavish, from the subtle and understated to the glamorous, they offer an astonishing selection of designer lingerie, including such cherished brands as Pour Moi, Prima Donna and Panache. No matter how discreet or special their items of lingerie, they all have one thing in common, comfort. They are only too aware that it isn't enough to simply look good; you want to feel good.