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Unique Holidays Through the Cape Verde Islands

If you're looking for a holiday that is unlike any other, Cape Verde Travel has what you're looking for. Order a free copy of their brochure today to explore extraordinary escorted group and individual tours!

Home to some of the most idyllic beaches, crystal clear water; this almost undiscovered location ensures you can enjoy stunning beaches, authentic culture and unspoilt natural views away from tourist crowds.

Choose something a little different this year - Cape Verdes escorted tours are perfect for everyone. Whether you're looking to explore alone or want to meet new, like-minded people, you can plan the perfect trip with them.

With six incredible islands to explore, there really is something made for everyone's needs. Whether you're looking for a bit of culture, a relaxing day on the beach or adventure-filled walks, their experts will help you plan an unforgettable holiday.

Order a free copy of the Cape Verde Travel brochure today to explore escorted tours throughout the six beautiful islands of Cape Verde!

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