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See the Best of India with a Luxury Train Journey

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains invite you to explore the captivating culture and incomparable sights of India aboard the luxurious Golden Eagle train. Request the brochure today to get inspiration on incredible adventures and to start your journey here!

Starting in Mumbai, you will enjoy a 15-day voyage through colourful cities blessed with an array of monuments, ruins and temples. As well as experiencing delightful countries, with Golden Eagle you get the finest rail accommodation and entertainment available!

Explore one of the oldest cities in the world, Delhi is a bustling and vibrant city, famous for its traditional bazaars and street markets. There's wonderful culture everywhere you look!

Some of the tour highlights include watching the sun rise over the snow-capped Himalayas in Darjeeling and visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fatchpur Sikri. Known as a 'ghost city' this red sandstone town was abandoned only shortly after being built in 1585, it will take your breath away!

Prices from £10,695 per person.

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Golden Eagle Luxury Trains - Darjeeling Mail