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Luxury Train Journeys Along the Trans-Siberian Railway

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains invite you to see the best of Russia and Mongolia on a unique luxury train journey. Request the brochure today for inspiration on the trip of your lifetime!

The Trans-Siberian Express tour is a two week adventure encompassing the most exciting parts of Russia and Mongolia. You'll see the world's largest freshwater lake and travel on one of the most impressive railways ever!

Visit Moscow and see architectural masterpieces like St Basil's Cathedral. Dine at Cafe Pushkin, a legendary restaurant with incredible decor and delicious Russian Cuisine.

Explore attractions in Kazan such as Kremlin Fortress, a World Heritage site boasting a stunning mosque and a jaw-dropping cathedral!

You'll be travelling in style on a luxury Golden Eagle train where you can expect top of the range cabins with en-suite facilities and 24-hour cabin attendant service.

Prices from £12,895 per person.

Request the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains - Trans-Siberian Express Brochure today for an adventure like no other!

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains - Trans-Siberian Express