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Hearing & Mobility - Hearing Aids

The 2017 Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids is an invaluable and easy to understand resource which provides a great overlook of the current hearing aid market.

Available for free by clicking on the request button above, this guide will help you to become informed on all aspects of the latest digital hearing aids.

Providing you with a great overview on everything you will need to know about hearing aids, the guide details everything from the common signs of hearing loss to showing you side by side comparisons of models available at every level from basic to premium.

To help you get a feel for the guide, here are the chapter titles:

  • What to expect from your hearing aids
  • F.A.Q.s about hearing aids
  • Hearing aid shell styles
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Entry level comparisons
  • Why fit & go models delight wearers
  • Why do you hear better with two ears?
  • Basic level comparisons
  • Wireless means easy listening
  • Advanced level comparisons
  • There’s an app for that hearing aid
  • Invisible hearing aid comparisons
  • Premium Level comparisons
  • Hearing aid battery basics
  • Do you hear but not understand?
  • Get in the clarity loop with T-Coils
  • How custom hearing aids are made
  • Definitions of hearing aid terms

By reading this guide you will quickly understand what features you might require, what level of hearing aid you might need and most importantly why you might need a hearing aid in the first place.

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