Unique River Cruises Worldwide

Jules Verne invites you to explore their exciting collection of river cruise holidays. Request the brochure today for inspiration on your next adventure!

Tempting itineraries along incredible worldwide rivers offer one of the largest and most varied river cruise programmes available.

This selection of small ship cruises offer wonderful experiences for people who love to see the world, expert guides will show you the true character of each destination along the way!

In contrast to larger and more formal ocean liners, river cruisers rarely accommodate more than 150 guests - many significantly fewer. Often with shallower drafts, these cruises enable you to explore further than on larger ships.

See Venice from the water with an enchanting cruise through the incredible lagoon or take a river journey from Paris to the coast of Normandy through the magnificent scenery that inspired Impressionist painters.

Departures up to December 2020.

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Jules Verne - River and Coastal Cruises