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Loose Tea Specialists!

PekoeTea of Edinburgh bring you fantastic teas, and teawear. Sign up now to their newsletter and receive exclusive tea offers and more!

Stocking a wide range of loose-leaf teas from around the world, PekoeTea of Edinburgh have flavours and blends that will suit everyone's taste!

Shop safe in the knowledge that all products are packed by hand in re-sealable, stand-up pouches or caddies ensuring they stay fresh and keep their flavour for you.

Why not get a something to put your tea in? Browse their handmade Chaozhou teapots. These ceramic pots are made with a porous clay that will enhance the flavour of your tea!

All PekoeTea products are ethically sourced under the Ethical Tea Policy. This ensures your purchases are helping to improve sustainability and livelihoods of tea workers and farmers.

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