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For many travellers, the pleasures of a holiday involve moving between destinations and sampling a large variety of select attractions and activities. However, if you prefer to stay in one place or totally immerse yourself in the culture, heritage and beauty of a specific destination, Titan's Stay and Explore packages allow you to do just that. Crafted to give you a comprehensive experience of one or two locations whilst away, you can enjoy less travel time, added flexibility and an authentic appreciation of wherever you choose to visit.

Their selection of destinations ranges from the hidden charm of our very own UK attractions and the Mediterranean ambience of Cyprus and Italy to the far reaches of the US and the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro and Croatia.

The novel ethos of Stay and Explore packages aims to give you a thorough understanding of a particular city, resort or island by getting 'beneath the surface' of the average tourist holiday. By introducing you to the local culture, people, heritage and history through excursions and the knowledge of a local Titan Tour Manager, Titan give you a comprehensive experience like no other.

Why not discover the rugged coastline and picturesque towns of Madeira? Explore a countryside of crystal clear waterfalls, inspiring volcanic views and the luxury of an isolated and ornate hotel. Or if you fancy your luck, venture to Las Vegas, the city of extravagance, and experience the thrill of The Las Vegas Strip and an optional helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon.

With fantastic packages based across Europe and North America, gain a thorough appreciation and understanding of your next holiday destination and order your Titan Stay and Explore brochure now.

Titan Travel - Stay and Explore Brochure
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