Welcome and enter…….

These are our words at the beginning, when you first open your Yesx catalogue. You will see we have divided our collection into ‘rooms’ to match you moods, giving you five distinctively different zones for your perusal.

Firstly we have our ‘Everyday Room’. This is where you see the kind of stunning ‘classics that you can wear all–day–everyday in cups sizes A–K (and back sizes 28” – 44”). Whether at work, or at home this is where we can buy our staples, although we doubt if you’ve ever seen such a desirable ‘everyday wear’ collection. In this ‘room’ we also have sections that include ‘pretty pants’, sport bras, mastectomy wear, and nursing bras.

In our ‘Romantic room’ you will discover some of the prettiest lingerie that we have ever seen. As Sam Keen said “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly”. Stunning basques and swathing babydolls adorn the pages, and don’t forget all our products are elegantly packaged, so would make either an extra special treat, or a gorgeous gift.

Our ‘Seduction Room’. Marilyn Monroe once said “ I don’t mind living in a mans world, as long as I can be a woman in it”. Great ay?! Anyway here you will find something very special for you to ‘spice things up a bit’, or just helping you to feel like the special sexy woman that you are! (Oh, these pages are full of very pretty, sumptuous looking gifts guys!)

Our ‘Bridal Room’ has some of the prettiest and decorative silks and embroideries that you will have ever seen. Produced in Europe by manufacturers with a speciality in bridal wear, some of these garments are sublime.

Finally our ‘Accessories Room’, has all those bits and bobs, and unusual things that you never knew you needed, until you saw them here! Just come and see for yourself!

Our collection is chosen to be of the highest standards in manufacture, luxurious quality, European manufactured mainly, and distinctly different. (How many lingerie catalogues have you opened, and they all have the same stock – even the same pictures)?

We’re confident that you will enjoy your shopping experience with Yesx. You have the choice of sending us an order by post, contacting us by phone, or ordering directly from our website, (which also carries a much larger range than we can show you in the catalogue).

We pride ourselves on giving you the best customer service that we can, and we always smile when we receive your second order!

So go on, which room will your mood take you to first?


The Visual History of Yes X Lingerie Catalogue

Yes X Lingerie catalogue cover from 28 March, 2008
28 March, 2008