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Essentials by Post
Member Comments
Essentials by Post CatalogueSharon W. still awaiting this catalogue
Essentials by Post CatalogueLISA H. Lots to look at, very interesting.
Essentials by Post CatalogueSusan M. nothing at moment
Essentials by Post CatalogueJennie E. good ideas but expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueJennifer M. Nice items
Essentials by Post CatalogueDavid M. Very good service.
Essentials by Post CatalogueSally G. Came with Presents for Men & others
Essentials by Post CatalogueAngela M. great gift ideas
Essentials by Post CatalogueGareth S. good
Essentials by Post CatalogueShaun H. good catalogue
Essentials by Post CatalogueCarole W. expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueNicola F. Good selection of things quite expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueAudrey A. abit expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueKaren S. expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueKathryn O. interesting aray of choice
Essentials by Post CatalogueIshfana H. funky, traditional and some quirky ideas found more things i wanted even though i was looking at gifts for others.
Essentials by Post CatalogueKathy J. excellent range of unusual products/gifts
Essentials by Post CatalogueNorman Q. great
Essentials by Post CatalogueLorine P. Will come in handy, kept on book shelf
Essentials by Post CatalogueTERRY S. very good
Essentials by Post CatalogueJacqueline T. interesting
Essentials by Post CatalogueJENNIFER F. Excellent ideas for Christmas and Birthdays
Essentials by Post CatalogueHannah R. Great Mag for anything and everything
Essentials by Post CatalogueYvonne E. lots of useful ideas
Essentials by Post CatalogueJon D. Amazing product range. plenty of things i want to order.
Essentials by Post CatalogueDavid K. very good
Essentials by Post CatalogueSheila R. Some good products - need to read catalogue more before deciding what to purchase
Essentials by Post CatalogueBrenda H. might order
Essentials by Post CatalogueGinny K. unusual items
Essentials by Post CatalogueLesley S. expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueLinda M. very interesting and good value
Essentials by Post CatalogueWajiha K. superve
Essentials by Post CataloguePaolo A. nice items for gifts
Essentials by Post CatalogueJanet W. expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueWayne N. Too expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueLouise H. Definately order from this
Essentials by Post CatalogueRoxxanna M. abit of a mismatch cat, and very overpriced.
Essentials by Post CatalogueJan S. good book lovel gifts
Essentials by Post CatalogueHeather H. very reasonable prices
Essentials by Post CatalogueRosina H. more than one person has ordered i passed it round our commen room
Essentials by Post CataloguePamela N. good choices for all ages
Essentials by Post CatalogueMelanie C. some great xmas gift ideas-unusual!
Essentials by Post CatalogueGill J. has things Id not thought of.brilliant.
Essentials by Post CatalogueSimone L. Good prices :)
Essentials by Post CatalogueJosephine D. Great set of catalogues, something for everyone
Essentials by Post CatalogueGavin H. fantastic set of booklets. Ordering alot in the run up to christmas.
Essentials by Post CatalogueGordon E. Very interesting but no novelties currently appeal - possible future buy
Essentials by Post CatalogueElizabeth G. rather cheap and nasty - not what i would call essentials!
Essentials by Post CatalogueElisabeth M. items are expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueAmanda L. Great gift ideas
Essentials by Post CatalogueChris W. Expensive
Essentials by Post CatalogueJoan B. Good read
Essentials by Post CatalogueNickie S. disapointed
Essentials by Post CatalogueEvelyn L. nice
Essentials by Post CatalogueJames A. good selection at good prices
Essentials by Post CatalogueKathleen M. packed with lots of good ideas, helpful for gift ideas too
Essentials by Post CatalogueSandra M. some really unusual things it it
Essentials by Post CatalogueIan M. More general interest
Essentials by Post CatalogueChristine B. good reading
Essentials by Post CatalogueNicholas D. some unique items will deffinatly be ordering
Essentials by Post CatalogueLinda G. Good
Essentials by Post CatalogueTrevor N. I also ordered this catalogue for my daughter...
Essentials by Post CatalogueKeith T. well presented.
Essentials by Post CataloguePeter H. I will make a purchase in three days from today
Essentials by Post CatalogueAudrey W. this catalogue contains some really different gift ideas
Essentials by Post CatalogueAbigail G. Really good gift ideas.
Essentials by Post CatalogueAysha B. Very good
Essentials by Post CatalogueElizabeth W. Will be ordering soon, again a very good, reasonably priced catalogue.
Essentials by Post CatalogueNicola S. love this
Essentials by Post CatalogueJoan H. when i get paid i will be buying
Essentials by Post CatalogueCarole K. I like Pavers I go to the Store, I will most likely Buy shoes before Christmas.


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Essential gifts, gadgets and accessories

Essentials by Post offer a unique collection of practical and useful gadgets and accessories for your house, garden, DIY and travel.

In fact, they offer a unique collection of over 2,500 gifts, gadgets & accessories for women and men, the home, garden & travel.

Whether you're looking for home gadgets for the kitchen, bathroom or office, decorative accessories, furniture & storage solutions, garden tools and much more they've got it covered.

Make life easier with ingenious problem solving gadgets & accessories from essentials by post!

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