Sample a unique spot of luxuryAbercrombie & Kent bring you an exquisite collection of luxurious beach resorts and island escapes from where to craft your ideal holiday. Now you can revel in accommodation which will always guarantee a sense of magic and indulgence wherever you choose to visit...

  • The world's your playground – explore the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Americas, African coasts and more
  • Pristine landscapes – wherever you choose, enjoy idyllic locations like no others
  • Deluxe facilities – indulge in the likes of infinity pools, diving, surfing and sumptuous cuisine
  • All parties and themes – trips and packages to suit your needs
  • Idyllic accommodation – nestle amongst coastal landscapes and be dazzled by stunning sea views
There are few better ways to unwind than to soak up some sun and enjoy some picturesque extravagance. With Abercrombie & Kent you can revel in all the joys of a tropical paradise and indulge in the luxurious facilities.Experience the magic of the Maldives with confidence and make the most of your budget with Abercrombie & Kent's expertise. Experience the decadence of underwater dining and luxury island accommodation. Or perhaps celebrate the variety of the Sri–lankan culture from the comfort of a luxurious resort? Explore the cuisine and the breathtaking views from private balconies and gardens. With Abercrombie & Kent the choice is yours.Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the brochure features amenities to suit the needs of any group – whether family, friends or couples – satisfying the your wants every time.So to explore an idyllic location from the height of luxury, order your Abercrombie & Kent Beaches brochure now and start your journey to that perfect retreat.


Front Cover Images of Abercrombie and Kent Beaches Brochure

Abercrombie and Kent Beaches Brochure cover from 13 May, 2014
Abercrombie and Kent Beaches Brochure cover from 09 January, 2014