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The most recognisable name in model building, Airfix has been manufacturing plastic construction kits for over 80 years. Covering a wide range of WWII aircraft, including the iconic Spitfire kit, Airfix has expanded to include modern day military models, as well as cars and figures.

Growing from a small range of kits, Airfix has produced some of the most recognisable aircraft ever conceived. From the victorious aircraft of World War II right through to the modern day, Airfix continues to manufacture kits to the highest levels of detail.

The Airfix email newsletter will keep you up-to-date on all the new kits, including those that have been newly-tooled, achieving an even higher level of detail. The newsletter also keeps you informed of recent news, free-to-enter competitions and monthly desktop wallpapers.

Airfix kits are truly a part of British modelling history, and with the e-Newsletter, you can keep in touch with this exciting hobby.

Sign up to the Airfix eNewsletter today and be part of this legendary brand.

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