TAKING THE TRAIN IS THE BEST WAY TO SEE AMERICA. That is true today as it ever was.Amtrak not only serves the great American destinations you want to see, but it gets you there without the hassle associated with air travel today. On Amtrak, you will always get a comfortable seat, a fantastic view and the freedom to spend your trip however you want. Kick your seat back and relax or stretch your legs with a walk to the cafe or lounge bar. Plug in your laptop or just play cards with the kids. An Amtrak journey by train really is the better way to travel in comfort and see lots at the same time. No matter what reason you choose Amtrak, the information in this brochure will help you make the most of your trip. You will find information on routes, the range of services available and details of accommodation on board. Plus amazing holiday options combined with a cruise to make the most of your precious holiday time and the transatlantic flight. An Amtrak train tour and cruise holiday represents incredible value for money, combining effortless travel, world class sights and ultimate relaxation in one holiday. Cut down on your holiday spending money with an Amtrak train tour and cruise holiday, where getting there is half the fun, food, accommodation and transportation are all included in the initial price you pay for your holiday. Look out for their fly one–way out and cruise home offers to get the flying out of the way at the start of your holiday and not have to worry about airline luggage restrictions once you have arrived in the United States. This also allows you to shop and save even more money by taking advantage of the lower prices in the USA and the exchange rate. If you have a bit more time on your hands, perhaps tour the USA without flying at all on their Roundtrip USA offer or our Grand Circle USA offer.ALL sleeping car amenities include:

  • Meals in the dining car (excluding alcoholic drinks)
  • Climate control
  • Electrical outlets (110v)
  • Fold down table
  • Fresh towels & linens
  • Bottled mineral water, morning tea, coffee & juice
  • Complimentary daily newspaper
  • Assistance of a sleeping car attendant
  • Private daytime seating converting to bunk beds at night
  • Turndown service
  • Station access to the Metropolitan Lounge or Club Acela.


Front Cover Images of Amtrak USA Rail Tours Newsletter

Amtrak USA Rail Tours Newsletter cover from 28 January, 2013