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Arapina is an award winning healthy lifestyle bakery with roots in re-invented Mediterranean cooking, that caters for a sophisticated clientele, offering free from and low-in options. Sign up to their newsletter today to discover all they have to offer!

Arapina have made their dreams come true and refreshed themselves with a new business development

Greenwich has always been a place close to their heart, from the day they started trading in the renowned market! The Cutty Sark, the Maritime Museum, the Observatory and so many other locations, inspired them! A new unit right at the borders of Greenwich and Deptford combines the aura, the sunshine and the quality clientele they cater for!

If you love beautifully baked cakes and sweet treats but want to remain healthy, Arapina Distinct Baking allows you to indulge in decadent cake whilst still supporting your healthy lifestyle. They make the most incredible baked goods and desserts from the best natural ingredients so that you can enjoy scrumptious guilt free treats.

From decadent banana cakes, spiced carrot cakes and blueberry cheesecakes to devils brownies, incredible cookies and protein balls. Whatever your sweet tooth desires, you can find the dessert for you with Arapina.

If you're nuts for chocolate, they have just what you need at Arapina! Sign up to their newsletter today to discover their range of dark almond chocolates, hazelnuts in dark chocolate, caramel and milk chocolate pebbles and coffee beans in cappuccino chocolate.

Offering varieties that are free from butter, gluten, wheat and dairy, as well as vegan recipes, Arapina makes sure that everyone can treat themselves to beautifully baked goods no matter what their dietary requirements . Never using artificial sugar, egg or milk substitutes means that your favourite treats are the best around.

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