Outdoor splendour and indoor luxury

Canvas Holidays are proud to bring you a dynamic range of self–catering holidays that will solve all your camping needs. With a staggering range of 4* and 5* European campsites to choose from, you'll find your ideal trip with ease.

Leave the hassle behind and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of their luxury range:

  • Tailored accommodation – tent, lodge or mobile home? You decide
  • Unique campsites – lively, family or boutique, set your trip's tone
  • Bespoke packages – included activities, travel, facilities and extras
  • Welcoming service – enjoy professionalism at every stage
  • Enticing destinations – let France, Spain, Holland or Italy be the backdrop
Whether you're a loyal enthusiast or trying something new, Canvas Holidays will let you tailor a holiday to your needs.

As they understand that not all campers are the same, their exclusive range of campsites vary in size, facilities, accommodation and atmosphere – letting you choose what matters most.

Their accommodation options include luxury mobile homes, boutique tents and charming lodges to suit all families and budgets. Want to sleep beneath the stars? Indulge in the comfort of a Canvas Maxi Tent. Or if you'd prefer some home comforts, their range of deluxe lodges will keep you indulged.

With picturesque locations across France, Spain, Italy and Holland, their varied campsites feature something for everyone.

Make the next time you get away special and order you Canvas Holidays brochure now.


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