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About Farlows

The country enthusiasts store of choice Farlows has been at the forefront of excellence on the bank and in the field for over 175 years and our Royal Warrant is a testament to this.

In 2015 Farlows celebrated its 175th birthday and we are proud to remain a small haven of country life in the bustling heart of London. We continue to combine our fine heritage of traditional customer service and values with cutting-edge stock and technology


Offering unrivalled technical expertise and guidance, together with a selection of carefully curated, premium quality equipment, clothing and accessories our iconic store houses the best game fishing equipment in the world, together with shooting and country clothing, boots and accessories for outdoor pursuits.

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Farlows Fishing & Shooting Newsletter cover from 16 May, 2017
Farlows Fishing & Shooting Newsletter cover from 19 April, 2016
Farlows Fishing & Shooting Newsletter cover from 12 October, 2011
Farlows Fishing & Shooting Newsletter cover from 20 September, 2011