What would you do to look after your body?

Would you at least drink a glass of water every day?FreeLytes is designed to give your body all the nutrients you need, promote absorption of minerals and work fast. Created on the basis of scientific research into how our bodies absorb minerals, FreeLytes contains all the key electrolytes your body needs and the full spectrum of trace minerals.Getting it into your system couldn't be quicker or easier – simply pour yourself a glass and drink. It's ideal for people who don't have enough time to look after themselves properly but still want to look after themselves, so it's perfect for:
  • Busy Mums
  • Hard workers
  • Fitness fanatics
...and anyone else who cares about their body!

Stay focussed and hydrated

Since FreeLytes is designed to optimise your hydration, you can keep calm and concentrated this summer, whether you're in an exam, in a traffic jam or in a race.Do the right thing for your body – sign up for the FreeLytes enewsletter today!


Front Cover Images of FreeLytes Newsletter

FreeLytes Newsletter cover from 03 July, 2014