The new Greenfibres catalogue has a large range of organic garments and home textiles to choose from.

Organic textiles are made from crops/livestock grown or reared without the use of synthetic chemicals and under strict environmental guidelines. The organisations that certify the organic textiles used in Greenfibres range are detailed inside the cover of the catalogue.

In addition to the organic origins of the fibres, none of the potentially harmful 8,000 chemicals, which are used by conventional clothing producers, are used on Greenfibres garments. This lends the garments their exceptionally soft feel. It alao gives the wearer the confidence that they surround themselves with pure materials which don't compromise their health – or the health of the textile workers – now or in the near future. Organic clothes can be composted, gortex biodegrades after 40,000 years!

Greenfibres also makes sure that all of the garments it sells are made under fair and safe working conditions.

When talking about the new catalogue Gabriela Lana, director of Greenfibres, said, 'I am happy we've been able to widen and deepen our range of organic textiles. Our customers are not only concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases; they also want a good product . And, you know, they are right to be demanding. We always select our products on the grounds of their quality, function and looks as well as their eco credentials. I'd like to think of their environmental and social integrity as an extra benefit, something that makes them special. Basically you are getting a very good product and you know that you are making a responsible choice, too.'


The Visual History of Greenfibres Catalogue

Greenfibres catalogue cover from 23 June, 2003
23 June, 2003