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If you are looking to change one of the most used and functional rooms in your home, you've probably skimmed over quite a few kitchen suppliers. From fitted, to unfitted, to Handmade, there is a wealth of choice.

At the bottom of the range, you can only hope to get something simple so that it blends in to the walls. Wall to wall base units with a melamine top and wall to wall cupboards and a stainless steel sink unit. It is undoubtedly functional but so is a school toilet and you wouldn't want one of those in your home.

If you are more adventurous, you could acquire a pseudo wood covering, fake oak on a bed of chipboard. Lovely.

Browse through the home magazines, and you will find an abundance of beautiful handmade kitchens, using real wood doors and trimmings and offering a more unique design service.

They are usually fitted so that you can't take them out, and they are often still composed of chipboard or MDF. There are plenty of shelves and also a built in shelf life. They are noted to put value to your home when you sell. If that is why you bought your home, that's good. Your bank manager benefits too as your loan of approximately £8,000 to £25,000 will help his figures and allow his kitchen to be fitted.

Unfitted kitchens are another option and becoming increasingly popular, especially among owners of cottages and older homes. Based on a more Victorian and rustic (Shaker style) setting of having functional pieces of furniture that could be moved for cleaning or for a different look. Placed on an earth tiled or slate floor and around a stove, the Victorian country kitchen was a place of warmth, personality and hospitality, Butler sinks, dressers and larder and broom cupboards, butchers blocks and refectory style kitchen tables as well as airers to dry clothes are now back in mode ...if they ever went anywhere.

Important Kitchens offer a selection of Country Kitchen furniture, handmade from sustainable and recycled teak that typify this look and bring warmth to your kitchen.

We have chosen a supply of the best wood in the world; plantation teak. It is a hard wood, first grown and managed by the Dutch 150 years ago. Our supply is farmed at 30 years to give the best character and patina.

Our service is individual and you wont be able to buy similar pieces from the High Street. We are happy to advise on all stages of kitchen design, including consultations at your home. Important also allows you to design a single piece of furniture, for any room in your home, and crafted to your own specifications.


The Visual History of Important Rooms Catalogue

Important Rooms catalogue cover from 17 February, 2005
17 February, 2005