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We share a passion for the holiday destinations we offer and the service we want our customers to enjoy. In essence, we are dedicated to offering our clients the type of holiday we ourselves would wish to take.

Morocco has its roots in Africa, its history entwined with Spain, France and Portugal, and its face turned towards Europe. It is a vast country of beautiful and contrasting regions and ever changing light and colours and is, astonishingly, less than a four hour flight away.

But from the deserts and green oases of the Saharan south, to the forests of the Riff in the north; from the dramatic peaks of the High Atlas Mountains to the long sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast; what makes such an impact is Morocco's astonishing diversity. With its rich cultural heritage and enviable climate, Morocco is a country that can be visited all year round and over and over again, each time to explore and experience new aspects.

As the landscape changes so do the people and so does the way of life, always welcoming, yet with very differing costumes, architecture, food and a different spirit of place. Then there are the dense and ornate Imperial Cities of Rabat, Marrakech and Fès and the wonderful white and blue painted houses of Essaouira, clustering by the sea.

You can retreat behind the anonymous door of a riad in Morocco, even rent a riad for private use. Perhaps you'll prefer a Kasbah or luxury hotel, camp in the desert or trek in the mountains or stay by the Moroccan coast - the choice is yours.

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Morocco with Simpson Travel Brochure cover from 10 August, 2006
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