Really Linda Barker is Linda's own mail order business designed to capitalise on her reputation for 'effortless chic' and her sound commercial eye for what people really want in their homes right now.Sign up for our Newsletter, stay in touch, and you will never miss a thing – Be the first to see all our new products and get the very latest special offer deals well before everyone else knows about them!The entire Linda Barker range (which covers everything from furniture, fabrics and tableware, to clothing, jewellery and kitchen equipment) has been selected to combine as a coherent and co–ordinated 'designer look', but crucially everything has been chosen with an ever watchful eye on price and value to ensure that there is something for every room and every pocket.Really Linda Barker is a true family business, with Linda central to every aspect of its operations. Linda does all the buying or product design for each new collection, sourcing products which are locally manufactured in the UK or imported from countries like China, India, Vietnam, Northern Europe, Canada and the USA.Linda says:"Nobody should have to spend weeks on end trying to find just the right accessory for their room any more, there is a wealth of gorgeous products out there nowadays and all it needs is someone to bring them all together in one place"."That's what Really Linda Barker is about – It's the best of the beautiful, all hand–picked by me to provide the perfect presents for the home you love!"

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Front Cover Images of Really Linda Barker Newsletter

Really Linda Barker Newsletter cover from 16 January, 2013
Really Linda Barker Newsletter cover from 23 October, 2007
Really Linda Barker Newsletter cover from 21 March, 2007
Really Linda Barker Newsletter cover from 24 October, 2006