More and more people prefer natural, organic solutions to artificial ones. They want to address cause instead of symptom, and know that health needs a long term commitment, not a quick–fix–it regime when things go wrong.

Seagreens« are the most nutritious vegetables, whose ocean origin gives them a unique nutritional balance remarkably similar to our own – the foundation of sustained good health. "The most nutritious vegetation on this planet...contains almost the whole alphabet of nutrients" – Leslie Kenton in 'The New Raw Energy'.

Seagreens Ltd has developed 3 original food products – a fresh–ground seaweed Table Condiment; a granulated seaweed Culinary Ingredient for cooking, baking and seasoning; and seaweed Food Capsules gentle enough for use in infant food – all for easy, everyday use. Each has unique epicurean and health benefits.

All Seagreens« products are Certified to Soil Association Organic
Standards, Vegetarian, and Vegan. The Food Capsules are prescribed by the British Society for Mercury–Free Dentistry for post–operative detoxification in amalgam extraction. Harvesting and processing among remote islands off the Arctic coast of Norway is environmentally benign, and the company aims to deliver goodness in all its relationships.

"While the larger amounts of vitamins and minerals in conventional
supplements compensate for known, specific deficiencies, Seagreens« are a complete natural food which contributes directly to the broader and more complex nutritional balance upon which our long term health depends" – Dr M. Ranger, Consultant, Seagreens Ltd.