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As Individual As You!

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Shop to brighten up any home or outfit - from soft furnishings to fashion bags, Signare are sure to have tapestries and styles that will be sure to be as unique and individual as you are.

The team at Signare have made sure that all their products are inspired by nature, by great art and by life itself. Each one is lovingly reproduced in the style of woven tapestry using the highest quality of materials.

Founded in the UK Signare is now the largest tapestry accessories brand in the world, business covers over 35 countries with more than 3000 concessions worldwide. Signare has been nominated 2 years in a row UK's gift of the year!

Licensing partners:
Explore their selection of licenced brands. These include big name museums and galleries such as The National Gallery, V&A, Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust, Frida Kahlo Cooperation, Hampshire Trust, Wentworth Woodhouse, and Marilyn Robertson etc to support the artist and their masterpiece of works.

With dozens of products to choose from, and design themes ranging from classic to quirky, elegant to eccentric and chic to cheeky, there's something for everyone!

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