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The Kingdom of Eswatini

Eswatini, previously known as Swaziland, is a tiny country with a big heart and warm, friendly people. Order a copy of their brochure today to explore their beautiful country and wonderful culture!

As the only absolute monarchy in Africa it embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions which are careful guarded and faithfully celebrated. But traditions and culture are not the only reasons to visit this charming country.

Stunning and varied landscapes are to be seen and explored – mountains and valleys, forests and plains. And Swaziland's parks and reserves offer thrilling safaris to see the Big Five, a number of endangered species and truly outstanding bird life. All of this in a country that can be driven across in a matter of a few hours!

The Kingdom of Eswatini brochure is a 52 page guide to Eswatini, with full information on the different attractions the country has to offer, as well details about festivals, wildlife, activities and places to stay. Order your copy now!

The Kingdom of Eswatini Brochure
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