At Leisure Pursuits we pride ourselves in being one of the countries leading active sports tour operators. The range of our activities is unique: tours are available for participants in running, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, tennis and leisure holidays.Our holidays are no ordinary holidays. We can get you a place in the New York City Marathon; the chance to ride on a stage of the Tour de France as part of the Etape du Tour; we can teach you how to handle a mountain bike while having tremendous fun, or you can simply enjoy a game of tennis or relax at a famous sport and leisure resort.Our staff is also unique: most of them are active sports people, including a London Marathon winner and a competitor in the World Triathlon Championships. There's a high degree of travel trade training, so as well as answering questions on events, they can assist you in making the right travel arrangements.On training camps you will meet some of the leading experts in their field, Bruce Tulloh from Runner's World, staff writers of Cycling Weekly, UK Internationals, like cyclist Andy Cook, and physiologist Joe Beer. They're all there to offer a professional service: they're great with people and specialise in helping beginners get the most from their chosen activity as well as the top flight internationals.