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Titan Travel invites you to sample their most exotic collection of holidays featuring icons of world travel. Request the Paradise Journeys Brochure today to start your journey here.

Travel from the Machu Picchu to the Great Wall of China or the Galapagos to Antartica, this brochure encompasses legendary journeys to inspire you and your companions!

Take in the wonders of Uganda for a bucket-list adventure and go in search of Gorillas on a trekking experience like no other! Enjoy a luxurious cruise break on the River Kwai in Bangkok where you'll see the awe-inspiring backdrops of this region.

See the best of Australia on a 22 day journey through Sydney, Melbourne, Uluru, Perth and the Great Barrier Reef. You'll discover it's magnificent world heritage sites and it's man-made icons like the Sydney Opera House.

Request the Titan Travel - Paradise Journeys Brochure today for inspiration on the trip of your lifetime!

Titan Travel - Paradise Journeys Brochure
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