The WALL concept

Form follows function and as the style of our lives changes clothing too must be adapted to reflect our needs. Wall clothing is about unique taste and modern lifestyle, not age. A new language of clothing that is elegant but assembled with a casual ease that is wholly modern.

Luxury fibres

Luxury fibres, as always, are the key, pure hand picked, long staple pima cotton both woven and knitted with subtle touches of embroidery in muted colours. In search of luxury fibres we have also discovered a new generation of man made fibres that can truly be called luxury fibres. This yarn is mixed with silk to produce a fluid fabric that washes beautifully and deliciously floats over the skin.

British Design

Wall design is unique so you will not find our clothing in the high street. We use highly skilled British designers whom understand that modern clothing is about dressing with effortless simplicity. Our designs are based on quality materials and refined details like Italian mother of pearl buttons and hand finishing. We do not mass–produce but work with small factories that can deliver the quality that these luxury fibres deserve.


The Visual History of WALL Catalogue

WALL catalogue cover from 09 February, 2005
09 February, 2005
WALL catalogue cover from 26 October, 2004
26 October, 2004
WALL catalogue cover from 07 February, 2004
07 February, 2004
WALL catalogue cover from 04 September, 2003
04 September, 2003