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Wildlife & Soft Adventure Holidays

Windows on the Wild invites you to adventure and wildlife tours to unique locations. Sign up for the newsletter today to start your journey here!

Get in touch with nature with the wonderful collection of safari tours in South Africa, self-drive adventures in Botswana and Escorted tours in Zambia where you can see the breathtaking Victoria Falls!

Explore Canada for stunning natural beauty, Alberta is home to some of Canada's most renowned images, visit Banff and get inspired by the views of the Jasper National Park!

The opportunities are endless with Windows on the Wild, pick from:

  • Dog sledding
  • Rafting and canoeing
  • Whale expeditions
  • Wildlife viewing and fly drives
  • Horseriding and trekking
  • Cruises and tours
  • and much more!

Take a friend to Easter Island and snorkel in the shadow of the mysterious Moai statues, it will take your breath away! If you're a keen cyclist getaway to Canada and take on the Moonraker trails where you'll be treated to incredible views of the rocky mountains.

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