Catalink is a member of Lifestyle Media Group and by becoming an Affiliate you can create an extra revenue stream from your web traffic and you can offer your visitors access to all the FREE literature and great offers available from Catalink and other Lifestyle Media Group websites.


  • You can sign up to the Catalink affiliate program through DigitalWindow
  • There is no fee to join.
  • You include banners or links to our site on your website
  • You get paid a commission for each new member who joins Catalink (or any other LMG website) as a result of your links
  • You can link to a number of top brand name companies as well as directly to Catalink
  • We do the rest!
  • DigitalWindow offers an excellent affiliate management area where you can check and monitor all your statistics and revenue.


LMG operates a preferred partner scheme for larger affiliates to recruit members for Catalink and its other websites. If you have an active database of adult members to whom you can send out emails, please contact us with brief details.


LMG offers co-registration opportunities for websites who receive a high volume of membership sign ups.

There is a range of different methods which you can use to incorporate literature, information packs, catalogues, brochures and incentivised offers into your website sign up procedure and competition pages. The interface provides a seamless, full site integration allowing you to make all offers from your own site as if they were part of your own activities.